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AFY Breast Essential Oil in Pakistan

Item Form:Oil

Made By:Russain

6000RS : 5000/PKR

AFY Breast Essential Oil Available In Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Bahawalpur, Peshawar, Multan, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Faisalabad, Quetta And All Other Major Cities Of Pakistan. Buy Online Now from WorldShop.Pk

HELPLINE : (+92)300-6668448

HELPLINE : (+92)336-1111284

AFY Breast Essential Oil in Pakistan

AFY Herbal Breast Enhancement Essential Oil in Pakistan. Manufactured by Wheat Germ Which Is Contain Lecithin to Nourish Breast. Accelerating the Cell Activation of the Whole Breast. Uplift Your Breast. Firm and Beautify Your Breast to Show Your Charm.
The Wheat Grem Can Nourish and Care Your Breast, Promote Your Breast Cells Split Again, Then Help Your Bust Re-development.
Instruction: When You Massage Your Breast With AFY Breast Enlargement Oil, Your Skin Will Feel Tight and Heat After While. It Is More Effective to Use the Cream After Taking a Bath. Use the Product Twice a Day, in the Morning and Night.

Main Effect: Breast Enhancement, Breast Compact, Delicate Breast Skin, Balance Hormones, Reduce Pms Symptoms, Reduce the Breast Blood Flow, Activate the Breast Tissue and So on
Note: It Will Not Immediately Make the Effect, You Need to Have Been Continuous for 4 Months, for Different Women, the Effect Is Different, So You Need to Wait Patiently, While Using:

Function: AFY Herbal Breast Enhancement Essential Oil Benefits

Chest Supplements the Nutrients Nourish Breast Tissue, Tighten Loose Breast Skin, Improve the Situation of Floppy, Make Skin Firm Smooth, Unique to the Best Ingredients, a Delicate, Upright on the Chest, Chest Tender to Play Slide.

Method of Use:

Every Night Apply After Bathing With Hot Water the Product Evenly on Both Sides of the Chest,
From the Outside in a Circular Massage Breasts for a Moment.
Note: Only Suitable for External Use, Discontinue Use if Skin Discomfort
For Skin: Any Skin
Wooden Box Packaging, With Instructions
Package: 1 X Breast Care Essential Oil

Usage: AFY Herbal Breast Enhancement Essential Oil Uses

1. Clean Your Breast With Hot Water to Accelerate Blood Circulation and Use Towel to Dry Skin.
2. Take 5-6 Drops of the Essential Oil on Your Palm, Massage It Around Your Breast With Your Warm Hand in a Circular Motion Until the Oil Is Fully Absorbed.
3. Use It Twice Per Day for Better Effect.

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